Like B2C, only better

Quality of content, partnerships, personalization, collective decision, long way, rationality


The quality of the content is more important than the place where it appears

No need to worry that the coverage of a professional media is lower than the socio-political one. In the B2B sector, people share what they think is content with one another.



In B2B communications partnerships mean a lot: with whom, how, to consider all partner statuses, relationships and subjectivity.



Sometimes a B2B target audience can be listed by name. Digital technology works on personalization. One of the approaches to B2B personalization is account-based marketing (ABM), which considers one company as the entire market.


The way from purchase to purchase

It may take several years for a B2B customer to make a second purchase. It’s worth deciding how to stay in touch with the buyer all the time. And there are many ways to do this — emails, social networking, holiday gifts, professional events, personal meetings.


Collective vs Individual

Decisions about B2B purchases are almost always taken collectively. Therefore, communication should take into account that there are not only decision makers but also those who initiate the buying process; what are the factors of influence; and who approves the purchase by evaluating the specifics, standards, and needs of the company.


Risk management

B2B sales are about risk management too. Therefore, seller communication should address the risks — financial, technical, strategic, competitive, managerial, cultural and personal. And how the product can eliminate them.


Ratio vs Emotio

Decisions to buy B2B products are more rational and impossible without explaining their functional advantages. However, a person always remains a person, and emotions are still a driving force in decision making. Therefore, in B2B communication, we strive to strike a balance between the rationality of lead generation and the emotionality of perception.