PR support for the large Ukrainian agro holding, since 2019.

Getting started to work with a new B2B category: distributors.

Re-start of communication for media agency Nostra Media. The agency’s business KPI were reached in six months from the start of the project.

Work for Ukraine main grain conference Grain Ukraine, June-September 2018.

We conducted a survey of public opinion, proposed a communication approach and created an information package for the first Ukrainian artificial turf manufacturer FFU Production, April 2018.

B2B PR will work with National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG) as a PR partner, 2018 year.

We started working with IT developers D2, December 2017+.

Conducted research and prepared the Code of Ethics for one of the country’s largest television channels, Autumn 2017.

Became a PR partners of agritech organization Agrohub, November 2017+.

Changing mindset about commercial television in Ukraine. Request from the Ukrainain largest TV group StarLightMedia, October 2017+.

Participation in the working group of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine. The group worked on protection of minors from media content. Summer-Autumn 2017.

Work with a startup: PR of the drone for crop protection Kray Technologies, July 2017.

Big event of the National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG). VDNG presented to the public its Concept of Development for 40 years. After that, we remained PR partners of the VDNG.

Work for Clear Sky initiative that fighting online IP infringement.

B2B PR Case, May+ 2017. PR of Category. B2B PR makes an efficient and simple product for the Ukrainian Media Business Association (previously Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers)

Points of contact with the brand. B2B PR Case, April-May 2017. Client – TV holding. Target audience – pay-TV providers. Goal – to develop holding’s brand communication which would reflect its attitude.

First for love, then for money?

Olga Vaganova about the eternal battle of communication and business indicators in the PR briefing (column for, in Russian)

Olga Vaganova interview to site on advertising, marketing and PR (in Russian)

The agency B2B PR started working on March 1st, 2017.