PR in eco system of business

To understand the place of public relations in the ecosystem of sales, let’s see how PR creates added value.

1. PR gives understanding. We will create description of your product — easy to read, comprehensive, interesting.

2. PR creates consumer’s trust in the brand. Reliability is called the main driver of B2B sales, and PR can enhance it.

3. PR is able to creates fame. And the fame, according to IPA, sells best.

From our experience. In the summer of 2017, we helped the National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG) present the Concept of Development for 40 Years. The result was 50+ publications, including stories on national TV channels, whole coverage was 3’000’000 +. The fact that VDNG has a Concept of the Future was known even to those who was not involved in its activities. This helped attract new investors who want to develop their projects on the territory of VDNG.

4. Another function of the PR specialist is to prompt partnership, solutions and projects of social responsibility that will help in relations with government and public.

photo credit: Piyushgiri Revagar Connected via photopin (license)


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