Press Office

If your business is not large enough to face communication challenges regularly, then subscription service is the simplest form for you. You pay a constant amount of money to the agency every month and delegate all the tasks that arise. It’s like having a PR manager in the team, but it’s more convenient. Because the team works with a client, and this collective PR man is never sick, doesn’t need a vacation, with equal enthusiasm works with various issues, does not need a separate workplace and at the same time gain experience somewhere else.

In such a way we work with the Ovostar Union group of companies, one of the largest producers of eggs and egg products in Europe.

In addition to this, practice shows the demand for another form of PR service subscription, we call it “working in energy conservation mode”. When you do not need proactive communication, but you need someone who will show the world that the company is alive, in particular, respond to requests from journalists and the other public and post once a week on social networks. We also provide such services.