Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

We will help you to understand what projects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) you need and why, develop them and implement.

Example from our experience. In 2014, StarLightMedia TV Group launched a social project on energy efficiency. The goal was to explain to the millions of Ukrainians such complex and important for the country theme as energy efficiency and motivate them to make their houses cold-proof, set heat counters. A series of 7 promos were broadcasted on the channels of the Group. In addition to the broadcasting, online resources of the Group were also involved: there were 3.4 million impressions of project’s ads on the Internet. More than 60 stories featuring Ukrainian and European examples of energy efficiency were shown on TV. StarLightMedia involved its TV stars into the project. Media persons told how they save heat and gas themselves. The project website was launched on the relevant domain. Simple instructions on how every Ukrainian, regardless of their income, can become energy efficient were given there.

According to Naftohaz Ukraina, during the first period of the project that lasted 9 months, gas consumption by Ukrainians decreased by 15% and around 6800 domestic gas counters were set.

In 2015, Energy Efficiency in Ukrainian Private Sector project of the IFC under the World Bank Group turned to the TV Group to hold a contest of investigative journalism for students on heat saving and costing in high-rise buildings together. The objective was to involve a young Ukrainian generation into the energy efficiency topic, to show the actions of co-owners of the high-rise buildings towards the heat economy and costing in the buildings. The competition was attended by 300 pupils and students, 50 of them came to the final to Kyiv, and 3 of them became the winners.