Thought leadership

In thought leadership a company goes beyond the competition and deals with the entire industry or society. Thought leadership can manifest itself through the significant idea that a company can promote in society, and it is important to talk about it for a while.

From our experience.

A company working in the field of direct sales has established an annual competition for women entrepreneurs, in fact, for its target audience. They made a website through which it was possible to submit the work; gathered a jury consisting of the thought leaders; organized an award ceremony that turned into a one-day conference on entrepreneurship. It attracted hundreds of women.

The TV company united competitors around itself to create a profitable film and series production system in the industry. This included a project identity; adoption of the law that changes the rules of production; analysis of the situation and international experience; work of lawyers in the relevant committees of the Verkhovna Rada and regular explanation of the importance of the changes to the colleagues in the industry and the general public. Including such special project as a survey among the deputies, ‘What films should be shot in Ukraine nowadays?. Eighteen months later, the law was enacted.

Being an authority in expressing ideas is the right but difficult path to a strong brand in B2B sector.

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