Teaching how to be a Public Figure

We organize three trainings on public relations for B2B companies.


Communication with journalists.

Such trainings make speakers more comfortable and stronger, allow to work with the public field more effectively. Media training consists of the following sections.

– Nature of the media.

– Psychological attitude towards the dialogue with a journalist.

– How to convey company’s messages.

– ‘Bridge’, and other techniques.

– Behavior in front of the camera and at public events.

– Rights and obligations of a journalist and a speaker.

– ‘The 7 Day Rule’.

– Practice.

Media training lasts 3-4 hours. It is carried out with the use of the camera and screen, speakers immediately practice the material with Q&A for theirs company.

We provide express course of PR on an individual basis.

For whom:

– business executives (directors of different directions), for them to know which tasks to give PR specialists, and how to evaluate the results;

– marketers, for them to use PR tools in business communication more effectively;

– for PR specialists, in order to enrich their knowledge of the methods, tools, ‘secrets‘ and mistakes of others.

The course duration is two days, half a day each. Theory and practice, homework, recommendations.

Social media policy for staff.

The course duration is three hours. Theory and practice, company policy for social media, personal recommendations.