Types of Content for В2В

Analytical Reviews

Structured and accurate data convinces.
National Innovation Agenda Report


The practical experience of others may be specific and interesting.

Interviews / columns of owners and top managers

Because people buy from people.
FORBES, Squeeze the competitors. How the global market leader of juice concentrates raised his successor in Ukraine, No. 10, December 2011.


Because we live in the video age now.


Special projects

We choose a subect and collaborate with a media.



In B2B you need to explain a lot, so the infographics make it easier.

Educational materials

Your target audience loves learning.


Pack B2B information into the formula “heroes and causally related events that happen to them”, and you will be listened till the end.

NV  Business and entertainment park. How will Kyiv’s VDNG look like in 40 years, July 23, 2017


They bring emotions and visual canvas.
Project “Emotionally about rational” for ARPA Real Estate agency