Involved employees work better

Employees are your very first target audience! And a source of information about your company while communicating with friends and via social networks.

Therefore, employees need to understand the position of company’s top management on certain issues and be the first to learn the news. Besides, internal PR creates an attractive image of the employer, and performance of people who like their place of work increases by 5 times.

What we can do for you in the internal PR

  1. Building the system of  internal communications, from newsletter to the intranet website. 
  2. Corporate communications policy. 

  3. Special promotions and campaigns to enhance team unity.


Example from our experience. There were rumors that the salary of company’s employees was lower than across the market. This was not the case, but the salary increase was not planned either, it was 2009. First, we prepared an intra-chat and then a statement of the Director of the company in front of its employees: we helped prepare and hold the meeting, and then processed the feedback.